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Building solutions & products to fundamentally change industries, from gaming to loyalty.

Our Projects

Our Projects

Chainable's team consists of professionals that have created and build innovative solutions and products across a wide variety of industries, from financial services to loyalty to gaming. Our team of experts leverages the latest technologies to deliver solutions that make sense. From blockchain to machine learning & artificial intelligence, Chainable focuses on delivery of products and services that generate real value. Some of our latest projects include:

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Gaming Platforms

Great opportunity exists in the future of gaming, particularly leveraging blockchain technology to deliver unique experiences and capabilities. Chainable is investing heavily in bringing this new era of gaming mainstream through projects like Upside Games, an athlete-centric sports gaming platform that changes how fans play fantasy-type games, and EtherStrike, a blockchain game that allows players to go head-to-head as they attempt to conquer the crypto-galaxy.

Payment Solutions

Payments represent an enormous industry that has been slow to evolve at the same pace as other technological advances. Our team at Chainable has cumulative decades of experience building payment systems from the ground up, and we’re combining that experience with with new technologies like blockchain to revolutionize the payment space.

Loyalty Solutions

With experience in multiple verticals and industries, we see loyalty as a great opportunity to improve customer and business experience. Our team is reshaping the loyalty space with new solutions and modern capabilities.

Human Resource Management

Chainable is building a new human resource management solution that is uniquely customizable to specific customer use cases, delivering a solution that meets the needs of historically underserved markets.

Auctions & Exchanges

Chainable is working with a partner to develop and implement a new paradigm in exchange and auction of both real world and digital assets - bringing speed, accuracy, and transparency through novel platforms and approaches.


Chainable was founded by an experienced technology team that has successfully built and exited multiple technology startups.

Tim Keough
Founder & CEO
Bryan Penn
Founder & Director of Operations

Our Story

The technology landscape continues to change and evolve rapidly and the Chainable founders quickly realized that tapping our network of entrepreneurial experts with years of experience in the technology industry provided the potential to rapidly deliver new solutions using modern technology and approaches that could revolutionize existing industries. Chainable has assembled a team that has deep experience creating everything from unique financial and payments platforms to marketing & customer engagement solutions and is dedicated to building novel products and solutions that have the opportunity to deliver significant value for customers and users. Whether it's using blockchain to fundamentally change gaming, loyalty, or supply chains, or using modern technology to modernize antiquated human resource or procurement processes, Chainable was founded in 2017 as a central platform through which we can deliver our various products and projects.

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